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Monica Kirchner (.luxury) – the internet is for everybody, we want to make an internet for the luxury customer. It will coexist with what’s currently out there. You may see companies/brands with multiple domains to reach different
audiences. They can get a name that truly has meaning and relevance, whereas many don’t have that right now.

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.luxury is a different business model. They want to make an internet for the luxury industry, different than the rest of the internet. They want to aggregate the luxury industry online. There is a place for mass products, but there is a place for people who want to reach those that dream, want to live on the top, or who are living on the top. The sunrise is beginning in a few weeks.

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Continuing our – “In Their Own Words, The Case for dot___” series, where
various new gTLD registries/operators, present their ‘case for’ their gTLD
as we lead up to NamesCon, we are pleased to have as our second gTLD guest
in our series, Monica Kirchner with dotLUXURY.

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The historic expansion of the internet has officially begun.  Today, GoDaddy started preregistration of four new gTLDs: .UNO, .BUILD, .MENU and .LUXURY. GoDaddy’s VP of Domains, Rich Merdinger, said, “Domain names are essentially 21st century real estate that create your namespace on the Internet.”

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