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In a veritable cyberspace symphony that grows louder every day, Monica Kirchner is conducting a venture designed to lead luxury to a superlative crescendo.  No, Kirchner isn’t the head of a new, luxury-driven website.  Rather, she is the co-founder and CEO of .Luxury where the world’s most indulgent brands are beginning to flock in order to obtain a slice of a brand new, indulgent pie – a web address ending in “.luxury.”

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Wall Street Journal

.Luxury CEO and co founder Monica Kirchner talks with Tayna Rivero from The Wall Street Journal about the transformation of the internet as we currently know it, the growing importance of top level domain names and protecting your online identity.

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Fox Business

Monica Kirchner, CEO and co founder of .luxury talks with Fox Business about finding and creating an online identity with the new top level domain .luxury, and the growing online luxury community.

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Learn how .Luxury connects luxury brands with consumers. Monica Kirchner talks with The Wall Street Journal about the benefits of a .luxury domain, luxury brands the future of the top level domain.

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Monica Kirchner, wife of Jon Kirchner (CEO of Calabasas-based DTS), is branching out of the boardroom (she is, after all, a lawyer and investment banker) with her newest project Luxury Partners LLC, the holding company for the new Internet domain .luxury (dot luxury). This new addition to the .com, .net, .org, family of web extensions is the brainchild of the Kirchners along with longtime friend Kirsten Hansen. What Monica, with the support of her husband and friend, is attempting to do is organize and revolutionize the online advertising and shopping experience.

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Fashion United

Luxury fashion has a new digital domain. Dotluxury (.luxury) is a new, generic top level domain whose sole purpose is to provide a dedicated digital platform for all things luxury. Designed to meet the distinct needs of the luxury industry, .luxury offers product manufacturers, service providers, retailers and consumers a central place to engage, transact and celebrate.
Brands including Prada, Chanel and Louis Vuitton have already bought their .luxury domains, which can cost anywhere from 500 pounds to register.

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Habitually Chic

Many of you have asked over the years why I haven’t switched over from Blogspot to a real website. Three months after I created Habitually Chic in July 2007, someone bought the domain I didn’t even realize it was something I needed to do when I started the blog and is why I later had to trademark the name. It was always my intention to regain control of the domain name but I was sidetracked by my book and other projects.

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They say if you have to tell someone you’re powerful, you’re not. So if your company ends up using the new dot-luxury domain for its website, does that mean that you’re not all that luxurious?

Because of the concern that we’re running out of dot-coms for people to use, a new company called .Luxury will soon allow companies and individuals to register sites like, well, or, instead of using dot-com or dot-net. (We’ll admit here to doing a little eye-rolling when we first read this news in WWD on Wednesday.)

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The internet, ever-expansive as it is, seems to have outgrown itself these days. With millions of pages and sites out there, we’ve exhausted a lot of our naming options.

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Domain Pulse

There are a number of different business models being employed by new gTLDs, but there are very few aimed at the elite. The .luxury gTLD is one aimed at the elite and looking at things a bit differently. They’re charging a hefty premium with their target market being the luxury goods and services sector, along with individuals that consider themselves a bit luxurious… or posh!
So far the response has been extremely good Monica Kirchner, CEO of .LUXURY, told Domain Pulse with the gTLD getting “really good traction”.

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